Soul Thera​py​​


The Onsen® technique is a combination of the therapeutic practices of Muscle Energy Technique, Post Isometric Relaxation and Transverse Friction Massage. This therapeutic technique balances the musculoskeletal system to promote healing and good health. Your therapist will:

  • Assess your boney landmarks which will give them a three dimensional look at the bones which may be out of alignment.
  • Discover the muscles or ligaments that are pulling your bones out of the proper play or balance in the joint.
  • Utilize gentle specialized forms of muscle energy techniques with isometric exercises (hold relax stretching on the massage table).
  • Re-educate your joints and release the pressure on your nerves. If the electricity can reach your large muscle’s they will soften, release the pain and work normal.
  • Use transverse friction massage: a two minute gently crossing of the fibres of the tissues, tendons or ligaments that are under tension or strain that are the cause of your pain.
  • Give specific stretches and exercises that will retrain the muscle memory to hold your structure where it should be, based on the detailed assessments.
  • After this, your structure will hold its muscle memory in the right places, your muscles will strengthen doing the jobs they were originally assigned to do by the brain, so your body can relax and return to its full function and comfort.